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Celebrating Mindful Leadership & Living

As a thriving community of 50,000+ people, we offer transformative events and experiences to awaken the best in people and organisations. We host events with Google’s Search Inside Yourself, Stanford University’s Centre for Compassion along with workshops, film screenings and an annual Mindful Leadership Global Forum.

Over 12,000 people have attended events with inspirational speakers such as TED sensation Dr. Brené Brown, best-selling author, Dr. Margaret Wheatley and Dr. James Doty from Stanford University. Additionally, we have posted out more than 200,000 Kindness Cards for free, encouraging anonymous acts of kindness. We invite you to join the Mindful Journey.

What & Why?

What’s Mindful Leadership & Living?

It’s a transformative approach to leading and living that encourages you to step back, create mental space and be fully present. By fostering the four qualities of: self-awareness, authenticity, resilience and compassion, you grow in your ability to truly inspire, innovate and awaken the best in yourself and others.

What’s the Mindful Revolution?

In a fast-paced, tech-saturated world, increasing numbers of people are feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and disengaged. This has created a movement of people who want to live with greater meaning, kindness and resilience. Even Google, Ebay and the World Economic Forum are getting involved.

How Do I Get Involved?

Firstly, you can order a free pack of Kindness Cards and find playful ways to help make the world a little kinder. You can also join us for our upcoming events that bring together leaders from around the world, scientists and wisdom teachers to inspire more purpose, productivity and fulfilment. We hope you can join us!

How it all Started

In 2009, I had an idea to start a ‘kindness revolution’. I left my job, designed some ‘Kindness Cards’ and booked a venue for my first-ever event. This simple idea has grown into Australia’s largest and most trusted community celebrating mindful leadership & living.

We’re now a community of 50,000+ people. We’ve posted out 200,000+ Kindness Cards and held events for 12,000+ guests. It’s been a wonderful journey bringing together world leading speakers, musicians & scientists to help awaken the best in people and organisations.

I believe qualities like compassion, kindness and authenticity are no longer luxuries, but necessities for a flourishing and innovative society.

May this be of benefit to the whole!


Jono Fisher


Meet the team

Our team is made up of good-hearted, fun and talented people.
They all light up when being in the service of the greater good.






Jude Lawrance - Team photo


Nice Things People Have Said About Us

"I love what Wake Up is doing!"
Dr. Brené Brown, TED sensation

"Wake Up is doing such a fantastic job."
Dr. James Doty, Stanford University

"Something very special happened in that theatre."
Jeff McMullen, Ian Thorpe Foundation

"One of the most beautiful evenings I have attended in a long time."
Nikki Massaioli, Yoga Teacher

"I’m completely in awe of the beauty you’re putting into the world."
Emma Codrington, Designer

"An amazing weekend – inspiring, honest & generous."
Leanne O’Loughlin, Event Attendee